Christina Aguilera claims she’s addicted to wearing Latex…

Oh honey fuck off. You strain the energy from me, sometimes.

BULLSHIT AFTER BULLSHIT SERIOUSLY!! Just shut up and promote your singles or whatever it is your doing with the album being released soon.

Instead of actually PROMOTING, which is what she should be doing since Not Myself Tonight has done so badly on the hot 100 billboard I don’t even think it’s on it anymore, Christina has decided to do pointless interviews where she talks about her husband’s balls and makes you think she’s some 19 year old quirky tween promoting her debut single…

Christina Aguilera loves wearing latex even though it gives her an itchy rash.

The singer – whose new single ‘Not Myself Tonight’ shows the pop star in a number of racy and provocative outfits – admitted shooting the video for the raunchy song was “torture” because of the tight latex clothing.

She said:

For my video shoot I didn’t go to bed until five in the morning… in the freezing rain, in the cold, wearing a two-piece red latex outfit. Torture! I got nauseous with exhaustion from the video shoot. It was just a long day. Did I get a skin allergy from the latex? I did get a little bit of a rash at one point. Where? Next question!

She THEN said:

It’s beautiful…I’m really into fetish gear and latex is really making a strong statement for me. Good body contours. Has my husband worn it? I would not know! And I’ll never know! You don’t want to get your balls caught in that.

LMAO, gurl you gotta stop!!
The only time Christina hasn’t worn such provocative outfits is when she was pregnant. LOL!!!!!


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